Fitness: (Monthly subscriptions are not transferable)
12-month subscription CHF 600.00 (Follow-up subscription* CHF 550.00)
6-month subscription CHF 350.00 (Follow-up subscription* CHF 320.00)
  3-month subscription CHF 190.00 (Follow-up subscription* CHF 180.00)

*Discount on follow-up subscription only if it directly follows the long-term subscription without a gap (max. 2 weeks)

Introductory training and consultations are included in the price.
Holders of monthly subscriptions can use the fitness facilities from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. (without assistance)!

10-session subscription CHF 100.00
20-session subscription CHF 190.00

(Groups can utilise 10- or 20-session subscriptions)

Deposit for “magnetic key” CHF 25.00 (for the duration of the subscription,
the “key” remains in the possesion of the subscription holder).

Single use CHF 15.00

Deposit for "magnetic key" CHF 5.00

Introductory training is obligatory for the first visit; the price is CHF 40.00.

A written declaration stating that guests are familiar with the use of the machines
and use them exclusively on their own responsibility is required of guests and sports groups
who come to work out with us only for individual sessions during their holidays or during
their stay in a training camp and wish to omit the introductory training.

10% discount for retirees

10-session subscription CHF 210.00 (with whirlpool)
10-session subscription CHF 190.00 (without whirlpool)

20-session subscription CHF 400.00 (with whirlpool)
20-session subscription CHF 370.00 (without whirlpool)

Single session CHF 23.00 (with whirlpool)
Single session CHF 20.00 (without whirlpool)

(Tokens for the whirlpool can be purchased individually for CHF 3.00 each)

Rent for the entire wellness facility for groups (max. 10 people)
for 2 hours: CHF 120.00 (per token for use of the whirlpools: CHF 3.00)

The price includes 2 terry towels and one locker per person.
The deposit for the "key card" and terry towels is CHF 5.00 (the "key" must be purchased
and surrendered each time even for multiple subscriptions).

10% discount when combined with a monthly subscription for the fitness facilities
10% discount for retirees
20% discount for children under 12 years of age
The discounts are not cumulative!